Darlene has taught prenatal, postnatal, kids and adult yoga throughout her 20 years as a yoga teacher.                            She has a passion for sharing the joy of yoga with children!

For a preview of a class with Darlene, consider joining our FREE Family Yoga Classes Mondays from 11-11:45am EST.  Darlene has also worked with several girl scout troops as well and loves making yoga fun for all ages. 

Contact Darlene at 410-441-0947 with questions, a link to FREE Family Yoga, or to plan your event!


Your online party is customized so your child feels special,    spends time with their friends and has lots of fun!

Theme options:
  - Princesses or Super Heros, etc.
  - Explorer or Pirate Adventure, etc.
  - Beach/Luau or Surfing, etc.
  - Unicorn, Safari, or Ninja, etc.
  - Or anything else you can think of!

Included in the fun:

 - Preparty consult to work out the details and make it special                 -  Virtual invitations with zoom link and private password                         -  Yoga poses, challenges, stories, songs and games depending on              age and interest
 -  Singing Happy Birthday with special twist                                                       -  Time after the class for friends to socialize on Zoom                                 -  Plus a party recording can be made available by request              

Quarantine doesn't mean you can't celebrate.                                                                                                                                                                                          Plan a Virtual Yoga Birthday Party!! 

45min Yoga & Fun.  Tailored for 4-6 yr olds, 7-12 yr olds or teens.      Older and younger siblings have a great time joining too!

Party Investment:  $95