A Note from Darlene Bergener E-RYT500, RPYT, LMTYoga-Massage, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing people over the years and I wanted to share some of the wonderful comments I've received from my students, clients, pregnant moms and their partners.  If you have feedback you'd like me to share, please forward it and I'd be honored to post it here.  

Thank you for enriching my life and allowing me to be part your journey to increased health and happiness.
Sincerely and with gratitude,
Student and Client Testimonials

"I took your prenatal yoga class and your "Yoga and Massage for Labor and Delivery" class.  I wanted to say thank you for all of your wise words and suggestions during both classes because on Friday I delivered my baby girl without an epidural and it was in large part because of you!  I wasn't sure that I'd be able to do it, I just wanted to go as long as possible without, but using the techniques that you taught me, I was able to make it through.  The main things that helped were how you taught us to move in ways to help the baby move into position during contractions (swaying, staying on my feet, making figure 8's with my hips), keeping my face relaxed even during extreme pain (that was a big help!!), jumping in the shower to ease the pain, and my husband used several of the massage techniques that you taught in the workshop.  It was truly a wonderful experience for me, my husband and my baby.  You are a wonderful teacher and I can't thank you enough!"
- Cathy
 "I just wanted to say thanks for all of your training and guidance during my pregnancy. I really enjoyed your yoga class so much, and it will always be a fun memory of this pregnancy. Although I wasn't able to use as many of the yoga seminar exercises as I had hoped, I definitely benefited from the breath training (especially breathing low and blowing raspberries). I also tried to keep everything (jaw, mouth, eyes) loose during pushing to make sure things weren't tightening up in other places! A.J. was a great partner through labor and I know he felt more empowered b/c of the things he learned in the seminar - so thank you!" 
- Meghan
"Prenatal yoga was my secret to surviving pregnancy and Darlene is the perfect teacher! Her detailed knowledge and pointers were life savers. I learned tactics to respond to my body's changing needs, and how to pull those tricks out of the bag at the right moment. Don't miss this opportunity to more fully experience the beautiful journey into motherhood."
- Kate 
"Darlene was truly a God-send for me and my husband during my first pregnancy! I honestly do not think we could have achieved our goal of a 100% natural (epidural-free) childbirth without the techniques she taught in her workshops and prenatal yoga classes. Darlene's style of teaching yoga is so positive and encouraging, and her understanding of the female body is truly astounding - this was just what I needed as a nervous new-mom-to-be! During labor and delivery it was as if she was right there in the room with me. Darlene's prenatal workshop was AWESOME! I'm not only saying that because it was a wonderful learning opportunity for me, but it also gave my husband techniques he could use during my labor and delivery, so he was an actual participant - not just a helpless bystander. He was able to play an active and critical role in easing my pain, which allowed the entire experience to be so much more fulfilling for us both! 

Throughout my pregnancy and especially during the hardest part of my labor and delivery, yours was one of the "angel voices" that guided me through. I can't say thank you enough. Words just don't do justice to the gratitude I will always feel for everything you've done for me."
- Anne
"Thanks to Darlene's skillful use of myofascial release techniques, I am enjoying new freedom throughout my body and am pain-free for the first time in years! Darlene creates a warm, welcoming space that delights the senses and invites relaxation."
- Colleen
"I had one of Darlene's blissful prenatal massages less than a week before my daughter was born. You wouldn't think at 40 weeks pregnant that being comfortable was even a remote possibility, but I still recall to this day how relaxed and at peace I felt by the time I left her massage table."
- Anne
"I enlisted the help of Darlene for the birth of my second child, and am so grateful that my husband and I had her support. After realizing that neither one of my sisters would be able to help me labor like they had the first time around, I wasn’t sure what to do. But, Darlene’s commitment to my preparedness, my comfort, and my birth plan quickly put me at ease in the weeks leading up to my delivery. Her support began the minute I requested her services as a doula. Somehow she manages to balance her professional responsibility with a warmth and consideration that made her presence during my labor so natural and easy. Her respect for the journey of pregnancy and motherhood, along with the miracle of birth is contagious. During a time when I began to feel most vulnerable, Darlene helped me find the strength I needed. Simply said, it was a privilege to have her guidance and support during this special time in our lives." 
"We wanted to thank you so much for all of your help in preparing for the delivery of our son! It is truly an amazing journey and we were so honored to have your guidance and wisdom along the way.

Even though this was our third baby we wanted to attend the Yoga & Massage for Pregnancy & Birth workshop for natural ways to go through labor. Our intention was to have our baby without any medications, so we needed as many ideas as possible. Labor lasted several hours and Jeff's coaching and support was much more focused and helpful this time around. The workshop gave us knowledge and helped Jeff gain confidence so he was more involved and effective in helping me feel comfortable. It was a great way for us to bond too! Thanks again for all of your help!"
- Jeff & Katie
"While pregnant with my second child, Darlene introduced me to prenatal yoga. It was my first yoga experience, EVER. And a GREAT experience it was. Attending the prenatal yoga classes helped to ease my anxiety I experienced with pregnancy, especially the worry of having to care for two children. I also learned breathing techniques that helped assist during labor.
Being that Darlene was my yoga instructor, and also a neighbor and good friend, on the day of Ashlynn's birth, we decided to invite her to the labor and delivery. We knew that Darlene was starting the process of becoming a doula and attending the birth would help her gain experience. Darlene's presence, support, and massage techniques during labor helped me to have a second successful, natural childbirth!
In addition to yoga, Darlene also provided prenatal massage during my pregnancy. Massage did WONDERS for me. Easing back pain and sciatic nerve pain (along with the yoga).
I hope that others can find Darlene's services helpful to assist in a happy, healthy pregnancy and increased rate of natural childbirth."
- Meagan
 “My wife and I have been taking Bradley classes and reading everything we can about birth.  The classes are great, but they strike us as very basic and missing any type of spiritual / personal / powerful dimension to birth.  [We] took your yoga and massage for labor and birth workshop last November and really enjoyed it.  Thank you again for the wonderful workshop.  We’ve been using a lot of the postures and massage techniques you taught us!
As far as how your yoga workshop was different than the birthing class, which was a Bradley method class, I would say the primary difference was that your teaching style was more personalized and focused on what worked for my wife and me.  I’m glad we took the Bradley class and I would recommend it, but whereas the class had a specific structure and specific techniques that we were taught to use at different times, your yoga workshop really helped us build a set of options and tools and then explore what worked for us.  So for everything from very specific issues, such as what massage techniques work best for my wife, to developing a philosophy as a couple about how we want our birth to proceed, I found your yoga workshop to be extremely helpful.  The birthing class gave us a thorough understanding of what is happening medically, what to expect, etc., but your yoga workshop, I think in large part because of how great you are as a teacher, got us excited and confident as a couple and allowed us to develop techniques that work for us.  Your yoga workshop certainly works with the birthing class and the two complement one another, but I can’t imagine preparing for a natural childbirth without taking your yoga workshop.
Thank you again for all of the information and the advice and hopefully our paths will cross again”
- Jerald
 "Hi Darlene, I took your [prenatal yoga] class and wanted to let you know about my birth experience. Everything went really well…it was a very positive, wonderful experience. Everything happened the way I wanted it to. Your class really helped me a great deal, so I wanted to say thank you.
I worked all day while in labor. At 5pm, I [went] over to the Labor and Delivery department and they admitted me. I was in a lot of pain and did the child’s pose, which brought comfort. After a few hours of being in active labor, they asked me if I wanted an epidural, and I said yes. I told myself this would be a game-time decision, and I don’t regret saying yes. I got the epidural around 7 cm and after that I felt calm. It made my pain go away but I could still feel enough to push efficiently.  Thanks again. I will definitely take your class for my future pregnancies and I recommend it to all my pregnant friends!"
- Kelly
 "I can't thank you enough for your teaching and guidance over the past several months. So many of the tricks and skills you taught me and my husband were key to labor, delivery, and now recovery. Special thanks to the red raspberry leaf tea recommendation that I'm going to credit for being 90% effaced when we arrived at the hospital, and ALL of the hip openers that helped me to push baby out in less than 30 mins (the doctor couldn't believe it!). Also very grateful for the strength training in general that has helped me lift myself up and keep myself loosened up during recovery." 
- Valerie
"I met Darlene through her prenatal yoga class and also took her “Yoga and Massage for Labor and Delivery” workshop.  In addition to being impressed by her extensive knowledge, I thought she was an extremely warm and encouraging person.  I asked her to assist me during labor as a doula because I thought she would be able to bring a very positive, supportive presence to my delivery experience.  We had meetings prior to the day of delivery and discussed my preferences for a birth plan.  Darlene listened attentively, offered information and suggestions when needed and was completely respectful of my ideas.  
I was open to the idea of a natural birth but did not exclude the possibility of an epidural, which I ultimately felt I needed. Darlene advocated for me in the hospital, in order to allow labor to progress on its own, and helped me with pain relief through massage, breathing and relaxation techniques.  She was encouraging throughout the labor process, giving positive feedback about what a good job I was doing, which was very helpful.  I felt completely comfortable and very supported throughout the whole experience, and I found it to be empowering rather than frightening.  In addition to valuing the emotional and psychological support she provided, I was grateful for her broad repertoire of techniques to deal with the various situations of labor.  I am so grateful to have had her help and support during the birth of my daughter."
- Kathleen
"I wanted to write and say thank you for ALL your instruction and help throughout my pregnancy.  I must say without you I don't know what I would have done. 

After Thursday's class I went into labor the following night (friday) .... so I didn't have to wait to be induced on Tuesday :)  My husband and I were watching a pretty intense movie and when it ended I realized the baby had literally dropped within the hour and my contractions started around midnight.  Well, I was pretty stubborn on going to the hospital and by the time I got there (about 5:30am), I was so far along that my water broke and it was time to push. I didn't really have a plan as far as the epidural and had thought that MAYBE I would not take it (honestly 10 percent of me was thinking I could go without)... But at that point I had no choice. 
I have you to thank for getting me through with the breathing and calming techniques and wanted to say thank you. Without the classes and your help I would have been very unprepared to give birth naturally.  
Thank you again and all those pregnant ladies are so very lucky to have you as an instructor. I will miss the classes! Thank you, thank you!!"
- Elise